"Canone Infinito" Sound Art Installation


Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital


Intensive Care Unit, Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital - Bergamo, Italy



Our Skills

Sound installation design & system integration, Acoustic simulations & measurements


Curated by Stefano Raimondi and Claudia Santeroni, The Blank Contemporary Art

Lorenzo Senni, music composer

Graphic design: Studio Temp

CANONE INFINITO is a permanent and site-specific sound art installation by the musician Lorenzo Senni (Cesena, 1983) for the Intensive Care Unit of Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo.

The project, originated by the collaboration between two territorial excellences, such as Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital and The Blank Contemporary Art, is sustained by Fondazione Credito Bergamasco, Associazione “Amici della Pediatria” Onlus and by Santo Radici family and it is a fruitful combination of healthcare and art in a virtuous path that the hospital undertook for some time.

The conception of the installation took place in complete harmony and dialogue with the Hospital and its needs. Work developed by the analysis of the peculiar context of the Intensive Care Unit. A deep examination, thanks also to the support of Maria Simonetta Spada, director of Psychology Unit and to the contribution of Santo Radici, director of the Hospital Human Resources, art passionate and handler for artistic installations of the structure.


The installation is designed as a delicate and poetic sound reception to the families of patients treated in intensive care and set up in the corridors adjacent to these operating units. The choice of using the sound medium, in addition to reflecting the most current research of contemporary art, responds to the need to propose a work that is both a presence and an absence, something that is perceptible but does not want to become an invasive visual background for people who spend a lot of time waiting in the corridors.

The work, a light and positive composition for marimba, will be audible in the transit points of the long corridors, but far from the places of permanence. A sound that literally accompanies people.

As Concrete Acoustics, we are honoured to have supported this challenging project with the technical design of the sound installation.

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