Concrete Acoustics

We work to ensure the best sound environment for every need.

Founded in 1988 as engineering service provider for architecture, acoustics and plant noise control, since the beginning the company has focused its activity on the design of environments where music is produced and experienced.

After more than 25 years, we continue to ensure excellent acoustical and technological performances for media production, great audiovisual quality for the show business and quiet acoustic climate for the most challenging workplaces.

About us


Performance Spaces

The invisible connection between the show and the audience.


Music Education Facilities

Quiet rooms support and enhance the education of music students.


Recording and AV Production Studios

Getting the best sound out of state-of-the-art technologies, boosting creativity in a comfortable and stimulating environment.


Industrial and Workplaces

Taming noise and vibration of the most powerful sources.

In these years I discovered acoustics, I went in churches and concert halls trying to recognize the reverberation quality, I looked at the shape of the halls and the materials with which they are built, in order to experience how they can enhance or debase music. I was introduced to this basic knowledge by Lucio Visintini; he came in the Conservatory for the construction of our recording studio and developed the first design idea to convert the gym into a small auditorium.

Tarcisio Tarquini, former president of Conservatorio Licinio Refice of Frosinone
from 'Conservatorio: ieri, oggi, domani', Ediesse 2012

Technology & Research

Looking for the best way to measure, understand, forecast and scientifically describe the sound and vibration. more
Athanasius Kircher, "Phonurgia Nova", 1673


Making people conscious of the richness of sound around us and
aware of the wonderful phenomenons of sound propagation and
perception. more
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